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LED SMD Radium Torch

LED SMD Radium Torches are basically the torches or lights which are surrounded by radium and hard plastic structure. Despite of the hard plastic used in the making these are extremely light in weight and are durable.

Kissan torch

Kissan Torches are one of the most demanded ones and are compact in size and also handy due to being light in weight. The range of their light beam is also commendable.

Solar Rechargeable LED Lamps are widely used in various applications and are budget friendly too. These are shock absorbent and are also very cost effective apart from being comforted with long battery back up.

Rechargeable LED Light

Rechargeable Led Lights are very easily installed and have shock resistant structure which is also covered and are suitable for all kinds of environment be it indoor or outdoor. These are well tested and have long battery life and back up.


LED SMD Torches are used in open fields, parks, garden and stadiums. These are water proof and does not get affected by external conditions. These are made up of ABS plastic and are durable.

LED Torches are largely demanded and are compact in size a to ease the handling of the same. These lights consists of batteries and led bulbs which have the capability of offering good light.

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