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Light Up The Darkness Is Our Mission.

Globeam strives to develop, manufacture, and supply energy-efficient lighting solutions that provide exceptional performance and improve the lives of our customers throughout the nation. We aspire to lead the future from darkness to illumination, traditional to contemporary lighting methods and scarcity to sustainability using innovative and smart technologies. We wish to use renewable energy sources to create outstanding torch gadgets that can provide numerous ways to preserve light, enhance their visual appeal, and show their long-term durability. We want to be known for our inventive excellence, excellent customer service, and high-quality LED emergency lights and LED torches/flashlights.

Feel The Smart Way Of Light With Globeam Is Our Mission

To realize our aim, we must investigate worldwide technical channels and modernized ways. Our goal is to advise and assist our customers in transitioning from traditional illumination to more advanced and sophisticated rechargeable LED lights and LED torches/flashlights. To achieve our purpose, we will all work together to become the leading market player in this industry and provide customer happiness. We are fostering unique approaches to acquire the confidence of our customers in our extremely durable and inventive products and to develop long-term partnerships with them. Globeam is dedicated to changing people's lifestyles by redefining how they see the light in their daily lives.

Our Production and Infrastructure 

We have had a well-equipped infrastructure, including in-house tool rooms, design rooms, moulding machines, assembly lines and CNC machines. In addition, work is separated into the design, quality testing, production and many more areas. It also makes it easier to assess the quality of produced products to ensure that they fulfil industry requirements.

Furthermore, we have a staff of competent individuals who have helped us deliver high-performing products to sustain perfect manufacturing throughout the years.

The customers will see the latest technological breakthroughs and innovations in LED lighting products such as Rechargeable LED torches, GLOBEAM torch/flashlights, Solar LED torches, Kisan torches, LED emergency lights, battery operated torches, Solar Emergency Lights Study Lamp, and Rechargeable LED light, Rechargeable Lantern and table lamp. They are now in great demand among farmers, business enterprises, homebuyers and individuals from India. Our greatest LED emergency lights and torch are the epitome of smart technology, designed to deliver ease and brightness to the way of life. They are also simple to transport, have a minimalist aesthetic, and are reasonably priced. Customers should not lose out on the opportunity to profit from smart lighting in their life.

Our Primary Values

GLOBEAM is a revolutionary invention that will solve all of the illumination problems of our customers, including power outages.
L: Capable of establishing long-term relationships with clients, distributors, and customers.
O: For all customers, a single point of contact and integration
B: Belief in the power of Aatam Nirbhar Bharat to develop a strong India.
E: Efficiency, Integrity, and a highly competent workforce dedicated to providing the customers with the finest service possible.
A: Adaptability with new LED technology and continuous improvement is the finest answer.
M: Maintain high quality and ethical standards.

  • Transparency, Honesty and Integrity: We are dedicated to our ethics, and as a result, all of our transactions are transparent. We think that supporting openness fosters honesty and integrity.
  • Customer is King: We are dedicated to creating, delivering, and serving the greatest services and products to our clients and improving them until they are completely happy.
  • Every day, strive to improve: We are dedicated to being the greatest LED solution provider firm in India. The only way to do so is to develop and become better every day continuously.
  • Collaboration as a group: In Globeam, team spirit is essential. We work together to overcome obstacles and celebrate together when we reach a milestone on our path to success.
  • Quality is unaffected: We prioritize product quality and strive to provide only our customers with the finest services and products.

Our Product Range and Forte

GLOBEAM is a prominent Indian manufacturer, supplier and exporter of LED Torches, Solar Torches, Rechargeable Torches, and other lighting products. 80+% of our products are developed in France and Germany. Some of our highlighting aspects are:

  • 12+ Years of Torch Manufacturing Experience 
  • Serving 57+ Cities in India 
  • Exporting products to 6+ Countries 
  • Our products offer the ideal blend of functionality, performance and efficiency.
  • Demand is high in rural, residential, urban, industrial and commercial settings.
  • Products are portable and light
  • Assured lengthy backup time, efficient controls and good light output 
  • Guaranteed high quality at an economical price
  • LED flashlights are another name for led torches.

Our Products

  • LED Torch
  • Solar plus rechargeable torch
  • Rechargeable Emergency Lights
  • Kisan torches
  • SMD LED Torches
  • LED emergency lights
  • Rechargeable LED Lamp
  • Rechargeable Lantern
  • Solar Rechargeable LED torch


  1. Occasionally, our handcraft manufacturing has unplanned power outages. It was hampering our production and workflow. All of our staff had minor mishaps as a result of the blackouts. As a result, we decided to buy 100 Globeam LED Torch lights for our manufacturing. We were astounded by this innovative and intelligent technology, which gave us more light and visibility than regular torches. The longevity of the torch is quite outstanding since it has been operational from the day it was purchased, which was six months ago. It has benefitted our personnel in avoiding accidents and allowing them to continue working without interruption.
  2. My 15-year-old son must bike from our house to another community in Ghaziabad for coaching. He needs to go in the evenings when the sun begins to set. We knew we had to get one for my kid when we heard about Globeam Rechargeable Led Lanterns and their incredible utility. Since then, my son has hung the lantern so that it allows him adequate visibility on his approach to class and gives us serenity. Furthermore, the cost is justified by its quality and use. It is, in our opinion, a must-have item for any family!!
  3. We live in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, and we've utilized various Globeam solar equipment, such as solar torches and solar lights. Because solar technology was new to all of us, it was an overwhelming experience for us. We found the gadgets to be incredibly effective, resilient, and ideal in these changing times. My children like utilizing them and charging them whenever there is a power outage or when we are on vacation. We also gave our parents identical gadgets since they live in a hamlet and have frequent power outages. They found them to be quite beneficial and practical.

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